RAW Project: Re-Imagining the Arts In Wynwood

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raw_project_01Mural by MTO | @MTOgraff

I first heard of RAW Project while cruising through the mean streets of Wynwood with Jenny Perez. She asked me to take a detour and took me to what I can only describe as the raddest looking school to ever exist. She explained that although the middle school is in the midst of the art renaissance that is Wynwood, it ironically has no funding for art education for it’s students and has been without an arts department for over five years.

raw_project_02Mural by Typoe | @typoe

There was a huge disconnect between the artistically burgeoning neighborhood of Wynwood and it’s actual inhabiting students who call it home yet feel no connection to it. These kids were surrounded by creative culture but not feeling like a part of it.

Robert De los Rios of Wynwood map and Patrick Walsh, director of WADA set out to change this by creating and curating RAW Project (Re-Imaging the Arts in Wynwood) during Art Basel Miami 2014 to bring color and inspiration to Jose de Diego Middle School and launch a long term fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $500,000. The funds raised will go toward the creation of an arts and music program at the school.

The white washed walls of the school were transformed with over 70 massive vibrant murals by street artists from around the globe like Typoe, Anthony Lister, Lebo, Nychos, DFace and Ahol to name a few.

dface_editMural by DFace | @dface_official


Click below to learn more about the RAW Project and how you can enrich the lives of hundreds of children through the arts by donating.


raw_project_06Mural by Paola Delfin | @Paola_Delfin

To see live progress go this project check out #projectwynwood on Instagram.

All photography courtesy of @Robertskran.

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